Grow your own food in a tiny house


While living in tiny houses becomes more and more popular, many seem to be reluctant to make such a major change in their life, thinking that all the things they are used to having in a large house have no chance to fit into such a tiny home. This may be the case with people who have hobbies like gardening or crafts, too.

Good news is that with tiny homes come tiny living habits, and with more and more people opting for this lifestyle, as well as with the ever-growing Internet use, we can easily learn from those who’ve already walked in the shoes we’re about to try on.

If you love gardening and growing your own crops, let them be foods or just flowers, there’s no need to give up the idea of moving into a tiny home because of the small spaces. You can just as easily grow your own healthy and organic food in smaller spaces, if not even easier.

Here’s a few ideas on how to combine eco living with tiny homes:

  1. Try sprouting

Sprouting is a cheap and easy way to effectively grow food in a small space. It does not require much work or knowledge, you can easily find inspiration, tips and help online, and once you get the hang of it, it will come almost naturally to do it again and again. You can find special sprouting jars or even sprouting lids, but you can also use simple Mason jars you already have around the house. Your result will be a food rich in nutrients, that you can add to a bunch of dishes or you can eat your sprouts as a fresh snack.

  1. Make a gutter garden

You can still have a nice little garden even with a tiny house that’s often on the move if you create a gutter garden, say, on one of its walls. You only need some gutters attached to an external wall and you have your space-effective garden to grow leafy greens, flowers or whatever works for you. If you decide to give it a try, it’s a good idea to have the gutters installed at an angle to allow better water circulation for your crops.

  1. Create a garden tower

A garden tower might not be as easy to take with yourself as a gutter garden, but is sure is a great option for space-saving gardening. Garden towers are a great choice because they are so functional: you can grow plenty of food in a small space, you can compost inside of it, so you’ll also have natural fertilizer, your plants grow at a really high rate, you don’t need to do much for maintenance and you have very little waste!

  1. Make an aquaponics garden

A tiny aquaponics garden is a cute little idea to try inside your tiny home. It is a fish tank with a plant container on top. You can grow some herbs that get water and fertilizer from the fish below. Even if you don’t get huge amounts of food from this method, it still is eco-friendly and looks great.

  1. Use pallets to create a garden

Pallets are really easy to acquire and they make an amazing garden, too, which you can also mount on an external wall to save more space. All you need to do is put some soil in the pallet and you can grow good or flowers in it.

  1. Become a window farmer

Window farming is an easy-to-learn way to grow food without soil, using only a few hung up plastic bottles and a water pump.

Bottom line, if you want to grow your own food, you can basically do it anywhere, so why not give eco living a try in your tiny home?


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