When has appeared the first offset printer?


Although has to be made some mechanical procedures, the offset printing of one the most used printing technique. We do not have to be surprised, because this method is well known for its productivity and low costs.

Today we have access to a lot of information about offset printing business, such as to an offset printers database. If you are the owner of a printing business, you know it is not impossible to get profit, due to the existence of the infinite ways to improve your businesses.

The first offset printer has appeared in England around 1875 and it was created for printing on metal. In 1903, Ira Washington Rubel designed the first machine for printing on paper. Rubel used it for a year and after that, it was sold for $5,000 to the Union Lithographic Company of San Francisco.

Ruble’s invention has a very interesting story. He forgot to put paper in his lithographic printing press and discovered that the plate transferred the image onto the rubber cylinder. When he had introduced the paper in the machine, he observed that the image was printed of both sides.

Moreover, he noticed that the side of the paper printed with the rubber cylinder was better than the one printed by the stone. His observations were essential for the offset printing we all know today.

After more than a century, it remains one of the main printing methods used widely. In the 1950s periods, offset printing was used for publicity. The machines became better every day and a new era in the printing history has begun.

Artists used these printing methods to reproduce their art, because the printed image was better that one produced by traditional letterpress printing. Newspaper has begun to use offset printers, as well as writers, who wanted to publish their work. It was the most convenient printing methods, due to its reduced costs and productivity.

Today, offset printing presses produce around 50% of printed material in United State, although people have access to digital printing. It is true that digital printing offers many advantages, but that does not mean it is the most advantageous. It offers advantages and disadvantages, as with offset printing.

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In more than a century, offset printing has evolved and remains an important printing method, used in many corners of the world. Although it was discovered by accident, it is one of the most representative discoveries in printing. Also, it has been contribute to people’s enlighten. The information become more accessible to a larger number of persons, because it is a cheaper printing method.

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