What you need to know, to sell your land quickly


It does not matter if you are buying land or selling it, there are a few things good to know in advance:

1. First you have to prepare excellent offer. Find out your market prices, see what your property has in addition to others and most importantly see at what prices nearby properties were sold. (in the same neighborhood, same street, etc).Prepare the property for any visitors – a minimum of common sense in terms of cleanliness.

2. Be prepared with accurate answers to questions that may arise during a visit or a phone call. You need to know exactly “Why you sell?” and why “You ask so much?”. Gather all documents, whatever they may be, put them in a folder, ready to show to potential buyers.

3. Prepare for advertising your property. First select the advertising channels (newspapers, websites, posters, etc). Obviously everyone chooses free channels, but if you know that a newspaper is known for its effect you should also list there. It will cost something, but it will be absolutely insignificant if we refer to the price of a property. (Did you know that in developed states the advertising cost reaches 1% of the property value? – This means that if you sell a property for 40,000 euro, you should invest at least 400 euros in advertising -meaning invest not spend!).

Now, the ad text is the next step, which must be extraordinarily creative and attractive. No need to design the ad in 5 minutes, you can create it even during a few days. If you have no idea, look for other ads and see what  caught your attention and why. You need not copy, just get inspired. The text should be the same all over for different reasons. At least for ads that you publish on the Internet, the effect is concentration – indexing engines will locate it easily anywhere, especially if you have a link to a web page with photos of the property.

4. The pictures Be prepared! Try to take pictures in a good light and with a good camera. There is an old but true saying – a picture is worth 1,000 words. Over 75% of the viewers decide to select a property to further review based on photos.

5. The price – which most sellers “inflate” just to have from where to drop. Warning, this technique could chase away a lot of buyers. Try to estimate correctly the price of the property, and as mentioned, correlated with the price of other properties sold in the area. You must not be afraid of the one buying the land. However, if you do not get the price you want, you can say, thank you, goodbye.

6. Real estate agencies
Agencies are companies that will obviously gain profit from your need to sell. The aim is not discouraging to look for real estate agencies, but choose them wisely It would be better to try to sell the property yourself, if you think you can. It would be better, along with the agencies, to publish your own announcement, thinking that an agency has lots of customers, not only you. Finally, it is great to find that real estate agent to sell your property quickly or give you advice.

7. Ads on the Internet
Yes!  Here you can operate with confidence! Publish the announcement where you can, it is important to be seen. Obviously, you should start with the most popular specialized portals,(for example: Businesses-properties.com )  and end with general websites. If you publish your advertisement in several large databases, it is possible that other agencies to take it from there, which can only be an advantage.

8.  Patience
Nothing is done without patience. The average sale in a climate balanced conditions is between two and six months. Do not stress too much, and consider a land sale, is the most complex process in all aspects of life for individuals. So, be patient! Treat all potential buyers with respect and equal. Do not be fooled by how a person speaks and how he is dressed. If you did not receive any calls after 2 weeks it is ok. If you have not received any offer after three months, it is not good – you have to start again, to see what is wrong in your campaign.

9 Negotiation
If, you are the one who negotiates directly, do not rush. If someone forces you to answer, do not rush. Always ask for time to think. It is wise consulting with other people and have at least one friend near to support the meeting. Do not sign anything until you talk to a lawyer or notary.

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