What are the best tools for SEO in 2020


As we all know, attracting targeted traffic to our sites is getting more and more complicated as the days go by, changes in Google algorithms, and fiercer competition.

There are currently over 1.3 billion online sites on the internet! This creates fierce competition between businesses, and running after targeted traffic becomes a mandatory battle that can save our business!

It is almost impossible to attract targeted traffic to our sites without using some tools, I would say mandatory, these days. This is especially true if you are new to SEO optimization. Now comes the normal question: which seo tools are best for me?

If you search on Google “best seo Tools” you will receive hundreds of names of tools and online applications that claim to be the best. So you will be more in the fog than before the search!

Many of you probably don’t have the time or money to try all of the ones listed by Google as the best SEO tools. I must mention that some of these tools have prohibitive prices for the vast majority of small entrepreneurs. Example: Ahrefs: from $ 99 to $ 999 per month, SemRush: from $ 99 to $ 399 per month, etc.…

But if I still get to the prices, I have to tell you the good part! There are also some online sites called “seo group buy“, which give you access to several tools for a fee of between $ 20 and $ 100 per month.

These types of sites are designed as membership sites, where a monthly membership fee is paid for access to the private part of the site. They buy licenses on these sites and share the cost on several members. That is, those costs are shared between users, ensuring access to all users.

The idea is generous, especially for small entrepreneurs or agencies, who will not have to pay hundreds of $ a month for a single tool, which they probably do not even know how to use correctly!

One of these “sharing accounts” sites that stands out is SeoAccounts.Net, which offers a list of 100 plus tools for only $ 79.99 per month. In exchange for this money you will have access to over 100 seo tools, affiliate marketing, video design, graphic design, social media, etc. In other words, for $ 79.99 you can test over 100 premium tools from the online industry, premium WordPress plugins, as well as premium WordPress themes and other wonders.

Now that we have found a variant that allows us to test those tools, without paying huge sums, it is time to see the opinion of some leaders in the online industry on this extremely controversial topic: What are the best seo tools in 2020?

Below, we present carefully picked up the answer of some “heavyweights” of the industry to the above question:

1.  Rand Fishkin – The Creator of Moz.com

1st place: Moz.com
2nd place: Buzsumo.com
3rd place: Getstat.com

2. Neil Patel – Founder of KISSMetrics, CrazyEgg and QuickSprout

1st place: Ahrefs.com
2nd place: Google Analytics
3rd place: Google Search Console

3. Erik Emanuelli – From NoPassiveIncome.com

1st place: LongTailPRO.com
2nd place: SEMRush.com
3rd place: Google Keyword Planner

4. Dan Sharp – Founder of Screaming Frog

1st place: Majestic.com
2nd place: Sistrix.com
3rd place: Searchmetrics.com

5. Ilyas Teker – SEO Director at iProspect Chicago

1st place: Deepcrawl.com
2nd place: Searchmetrics.com
3rd place: LinkResearchTools.com

6. James Reynolds – CEO of Seosherpa

1st place: Ahrefs.com
2nd place: Majestic.com
3rd place: SemRush.com

7. Adam Connell – Founder of BloggingWizard

1st place: Buzzstream.com
2nd place: SemRush.com
3rd place: Ahrefs.com

8. Andy Crestodina – Co-founder of Orbit Media

1st place: SemRush.com
2nd place: Moz.com
3rd place: BuzzSumo.com

9. Matthew Barby– Global Head of Growth & SEO at Hubspot

1st place: Ahrefs.com
2nd place: Accuranker.com
3rd place: Lumanu.com

10. Cam Garrant – SEO & Inbound Marketing Specialist at Repsly

1st place: SemRush.com
2nd place: Ahrefs.com
3rd place: ScreamingFrog

As you can see, opinions are divided between experts! The best thing is to find each the most suitable tools for what you want to prospect or research. But until you know which ones are best for you, you should try as many of them as possible.

I hope that this article will be useful in trying to find the best answer to the question: what are the best seo tools for me in 2020?

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