Experience London in a New Fashion

Experience London in a New Fashion

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Most of us that have already visited London a couple of times might be inclined to think that there’s nothing more to see once you’ve visited all the important landmarks. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth as, with any old city, there are still interesting places that we can see which aren’t all that popular. For example, did you know that there’s an abandoned tank in the Bermondsey area, London?

It is a decommissioned Soviet T-34-85 battle tank which was actually used in the filming of the movie Richard III in 1995. There are many unknown places like this that we can visit, and we can easily acquire transportation by contacting 365airporttransfers.

We cannot be fooled into thinking that all the London jewels stand right in the open, advertised as such. If we’re bored of seeing the Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, or the Buckingham Palace, then we shouldn’t despair and think there’s nothing more to London. In fact, once we’ve seen everything that’s been advertised, we can start getting to know the London behind the London. Places like the Hunterian Museum, where we can find a very big collection of human and animal specimens, including Churchill’s dentures, or the Pet Cemetery in Hyde Park are just some of the less advertised tourist attractions.

We can even find amazing places inside the famous buildings that we’ve already visited, like the Chapter House, a part of the Westminster Abbey. If we want to see these places all in one day, then we’ll need fast and reliable transportation, which can be provided by 365airporttransfers.

While souvenirs bought from the usual places in London will get old fast, there are certain places where we can go and get something truly special. The best type of souvenir that we can get for ourselves from London comes in the form of clothes. While it’s true that most shops do boost expensive prices for their items, there are other shops, albeit not so glamorous, where we can find reasonably priced items of great quality.

One such store is the East End Thrift Store. For something a bit more magical we can visit the Davenports Magic Shop. It is here that we’ll also find, besides various magic items, professional magicians that will be more than happy to demonstrate cunning tricks that we’ll be able to learn ourselves.

For those that love movies very much but are tired of the ones which are currently in the cinemas the Secret Cinema might be of interest. The aim of the cinema is to immerse the viewers in the story of the movies that are projected in a brand new way. We won’t know what movie we’re going to watch, we just buy the ticket and go to the indicated place at the time specified. The things we’ll experience are bound to leave plenty of memories.

If you require transportation during your visit in London you can rely on 365airporttransfers. We’ll be greeted by our chauffeur at the time specified and have a clean and new car to take us anywhere we want.

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