Complete, Professional Management Services in the Sector of Construction


The construction projects are complex ones and require numerous people to be involved from planning to the execution phase and up to the final stage represented by the delivery of the construction.

During all these stages, specialists in project management such as Adrian Ionita PMP C.E.T have the ability to organize and supervise everything to the best interest of their clients. Here are some of the most important roles and responsibilities of professional project managers in the sector of construction such as Adrian Ionita from Canada.

The steps and the stages of contract administration

Specialists like Adrian Ionita Ajax Inspection and Contract Admin have a wide range of skills and the proper knowledge to ensure the management of the projects and handle the contract administration. Here are some of the most important ones mentioned below:

  • Mastering the terminology and the terms that are specific to contracting and procurement
  • The legal requirements related to contracting and their implications
  • Establishing the pre-requisites of a successful contract
  • The analysis of the expectations
  • Converting the objectives into contract requirements
  • Risk transfer through terms and conditions
  • The impact of the subcontractors on the project
  • The procurement planning from the analysis of the need to the creation phase and up to the actual construction process
  • The procurement process including the supplier selection and signing the contracts
  • Ensuring the proper flow of the documents required for signing the contract and the time needed to complete these steps
  • Mastering the principles of negotiation
  • Contract administration, from signing the documents to the delivery of the project
  • Conducting the contract activities
  • Assessing the communication feedback loop
  • Monitoring the performance of the team periodically
  • Handling any disputes that might arise during any stage of the project
  • Finalizing the project on time and within the established budget limits
  • Solving any problems related to contract administration.

Moreover, specialists like Adrian Ionita from Ajax Ontario have the necessary discipline to handle the challenging tasks that influence the success of their clients’ projects. Supervising the teams that handle the execution of the project, developing the plans for the achievement of the objectives, establishing the budget and monitoring the performance of the people involved in each stage requires sufficient expertise in this sector of activity, advanced communication and leadership skills.

On-site organization, ensuring the high level of quality required for the handiwork involved in the project, covering the necessary site inspections and balancing competing project constrains while handling the stakeholder expectations are essential factors that specialists such as Adrian Ionita from Ajax Ontario, Canada know how to handle in order to protect the interests of their clients.

Furthermore, their expertise in financial accountability and budget management represents a valuable asset for their clients. From budget planning to ensuring the cost-effectiveness and making changes that might prove to be profitable for their clients, every detail counts and will influence the way in which the project is concluded. Correct decisions need to be taken by professional projects managers such as Adrian Ionita from Ajax Ontario every step of the way in order to ensure the success of the project.



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