Fascinating and strange facts about London

Fascinating and strange facts about London

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Every city has its own fascinating story, which amuses and captivates us. It is natural to find numerous fascinating things about London, since it is one of the most visited cities of the world. Even though some things that happen in London are strange for the rest of the world, it is easy to get used to them.

If you want to get a London taxi license, you need to learn every street and landmarks that exist in London. This is called “The Knowledge” and you will need about 2-4 years to memorize everything. Therefore, it is really complicated to become a taxi driver in London.

Not fascinated, but definitely strange, is something that happens in 2011 in London. A woman (Joyce Carol Vincent) was found dead in her apartment, on the couch, about three years after her death. Surprisingly, the TV was still running and behind her front door, there was the mail collected during those three years.

Have you heard about the “rain room” in England? This makes the rainfall in the room, with the expectation of the place where you stand. Sounds interesting! Although Bin Ben is considered the tower, it is not the name of the tower, but of the bell inside. The tower is called “The Elizabeth Tower”.

In order not to be disturbed by the mob, the Palace of Westminster was intentionally located near the River Thames. In addition, you will find in London and impressive number of 6,128 licensed restaurants, which represents 2% of restaurant from Britain. London is more visited than Paris, Washington, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

There are 15.3 million of visitors in London per year. Also, here are spoken more languages than in any other city in the world. London is full of interesting places, but it offers us unusual sights, too. No matter you like nature or a crowded city, England has plenty of interesting things to offer. It is no surprise that London is one of the most visited cities in the world, since it is full of touristic objectives and attractions.

If you decide to visit London, it is easy to use Twelvetransfers.co.uk, because it offers you cheap transfer to and from the airport. In addition, London has convenient public transportation, like buses and the tube, perfect to get in time to different places. Therefore, travelling in London is easy.

During your stay in London, you might discover something strange for you, but this is the good part of this city. It is interesting and sometimes it seems to be out of the ordinary, but you will easily find something interesting for you to do with your friends or with your family.

Next time you plan to visit London, include in your things to do list all the places you want to visit and things you want to do. Because London is generous with tourists, is recommended to enjoy as much as you can of the time you spend in this beautiful and attractive city.

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