10 myths about global warming


I think many of you have heard often lately pronounced the words “global warming” or “greenhouse effect” close to saturation. We are told that due to human activity, it releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which would lead to global warming, which could have disastrous consequences for the future of humanity.

Who could not believe what we are told? But I learned from the experience of last years, that what we are told doesn’t mean it’s true, and behind everything lies another truth. So I discovered that behind the global warming, is another truth. Let’s see together which it is and what would be the motivation of its dissimulation.

First we start with a list of 10 myths about global warming, myths that burst one after another, like a soap bubble.

MYTH NO.1: Our planet is continuous submitted to global warming.

TRUTH: The temperature measurements in recent years, made from satellites or weather balloons have shown that our planet has cooled in the last years, losing in only 18 months 15% of the so-called global warming which occurs for approximately a century.

In fact, to be realistic, it must be undelined that the so-called global warming in the last hundred years is just … extra half a Celsius degree , and this result was reached by measurement errors, taking temperatures in the cities level, where there is a “urban heat effect” in the cities level, the heat being higher than in other areas less populated by humans.

MYTH NO.2 : Higher temperatures will be disastrous, because the aisbergs will melt and people will die.

TRUTH: In the UK, every mild winter to typically, saves around 20,000 people that could have died from complications caused by flu. If you extrapolate to all nordic countries, you can see yourselves how many lives saves each milder winter. As for the melting of aisbergs, it is true that this happens often, but it is a natural process in the history of the planet.

But with the melting of the aisbergs, the water level will not rise as much as one might think (do a home experiment: put some water in a bowl, mark the level, then place the bowl in the freezer , defrost it and then you will find that the water level will be lower than the original). Also, data from aisbergs in the arctic and antarctic areas showed that previously the temperatures increased ten times more than the current rise and nothing disastrous happened for the planet.

MYTH NO. 3: The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is extremely high, as never never before in the history of the planet.

TRUTH: The level of carbon dioxide in the planet’s past was 18 times higher than today, when cars, factories and power plants didn’t existed. So, carbon dioxide levels rise and fall without the presence of any human activity.

MYTH NO. 4: The level of carbon dioxide has increased mainly due to human activity.

THRUTH: 96.5% of the total carbon dioxide emissions is the natural sources, mankind being responsible for only 3.5% of these emissions (0.6% coming from car emissions, and about 1% from buildings heating). And then, why do we pay tax for car pollution , for example? Strange is that petrol or diesel for car is overcharged 3-4 times of its original cost, while fuel for the heating of buildings is very little overcharged, even though the heating for buildings produce 2 times more carbon dioxide.

MYTH NO. 5: The increasing of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes the increase of temperature on the planet.

TRUTH: An article published in a scientific journal, using the information revealed that since the last ice age, whenever global temperature and carbon dioxide levels have changed, carbon dioxide levels changed after the temperature changed, so the theory of global warming due to human activity has put effect before cause, which means that the reduction of carbon dioxide is a useless thing. Beside, water and methane vapors are gases that cause a much stronger greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide.

MYTH NO. 6: Reducing cars usage will reduce carbon dioxide level and will save the planet.

TRUTH: The planet doesn’t need any salvation, and if we remove all cars from the streets, overnight , this would not cause any change in the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, as can be seen in Myth No.4. Also, it’s useless to try to change the carbon dioxide, because this is only the effect, and the cause lies elsewhere: In the change of the sun which causes a certain increase in the temperature of the earth, this temperature increasing resulting the increasing of the carbon dioxide levels that rises from the oceans level.

Myth No.7: Storms, hurricanes and floods in recent times could be caused by global warming due to human activity.

TRUTH: Extreme weather phenomena in recent time is due to solar activity cycle, and not due to carbon dioxide emissions or political elections. Large drops of rain is a perfect example that demonstrates this, as occur when solar activity reaches its maximum, and this pattern is repeated every 11 years until 2045.

MYTH NO. 8: Excise on petrol and diesel, car pollution tax and other taxes are perfectly justifiable to stop the increase of the carbon dioxide.

TRUTH: As the carbon dioxide emissions from cars and factories have only a very minor impact on Earth’s climate, these taxes don’r have any real foundation, and are just another source to enrich the world states with unjustified fees on people .

MYTH NO. 9 : Scientists from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC – Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change) claim that this global warming is a real thing and that mankind must do something to stop this.

TRUTH: It is forgotten that this group of scientists are appointed by governments. In one of the reports of the IPCC, Dr. John Christy, the head of that report, admitted that an alarming scenario that temperatures will rise in the next 100 years by about 6 degrees was added to the last minute. Who had the interest to add this pessimistic? The answer is simple: politicians told the scientists what to write.

MYTH NO.10: In the world are only a few rebels researchers who would deny the theory of global warming caused by humanity.

TRUTH: There are about 18,000 signatures of scientists around the world in a letter called “Oregon Petition”, which says that there is no evidence of global warming caused by humanity, which has no influence on Earth’s climate. Many scientists believe that the Kyoto agreement (the agreement on the political leaders of the world have decided to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide) was a big waste of time, being one of the biggest political scam ever made in the human history. As someone said: “The fundamental goal of public political strategies is to keep the population alarmed, this way wanting security, which can be done by all kinds of horse pucky, all imaginary.” The desire to save the world is in fact the desire to lead.

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