Aliens from the ocean depths – declarations of some submarine commanders


Aliens from the ocean depths – declarations of some submarine commandersIn the middle of April 2015, press agencies had broadcast news according to which some researchers at Penn State University, Pennsylvania, USA, “had brushed” 100,000 galaxies, “without finding any signs of possible advanced civilizations”.

Leaving aside the fact that Terra doesn’t really have a technique to enable “brush” some galaxies, that 100,000 is not too much of the 100 billion galaxies that are believed to be in the Universe, it must be said that the institution is specialized in everything, excepting the field they made the notification in.

The reality is different, occurrences of UFOs and unidentified submarine objects (OSN) being more and more frequent, more obvious and harder to hide. We don’t know what these bizarre machines are, we don’t know who their occupants are and what are they doing on Earth, but we do know they exist. It’s been demonstrated by the statements of people specialized in different fields, whose integrity cannot be questioned, confirmed by the thousands of photographs taken on dry land, in the air, on the seas and oceans of the world and into the depths thereof and it’s also confirmed by the documents hidden for years; some information from these documents were also known by common people.

“We won’t say anything”

In February 1980, in the former USSR was established the “Central Commission for the Study of Abnormal Phenomena”. By “abnormal phenomena”, Russians understand everything related to the paranormal, but also to unidentified flying or underwater objects. In 1985, Vladimir Vasilyevich Migulin (1911-2002), a specialist in the study of terrestrial magnetism, ionosphere and radio wave propagation, in an interview for “Change No.4”, confirmed that in the Soviet Union, all paranormal phenomena, including those related to UFOs and aliens were studied by a committee called “Galaxy”, whose direct leader was.

The secret was fiercely kept, any disclosure being severely punished. Vice-Admiral Yuri Petrovich Kviatkovski ( born 1931), one of the most appreciated Soviet naval officers, was once commander of the submarine “S-276”. In February 1972, during a patrolling mission between Iceland and Faroe Islands, he raised the periscope to investigate the ocean’s surface. “Suddenly, at an angle of four degrees above the horizon, something ellipsoidal, very big, came up.

It wasn’t the Moon, because the sky was overcast. That “something” had a red-orange color, giving you a sense of fear. It was not a ship and it was not floating on the water. It was above it. I ordered the lifting on the surface and we sailed with a speed of 6 km / h towards it. The object remained at the same distance and height from us, which meant it was moving along with us. It remained constant all the time. Having a fighting mission to accomplish, we stopped pursuing it and I ordered the sinking.

I asked not to record anything in the log book of the ship, as we didn’t know what we just saw nor had asked for permission to come to the surface. When we have returned to the base, we found that another colleague, submarine commander, had seen something similar in the same area, in January. He hadn’t reported anything either”.

Four years later, in December 1976, vice admiral Arkadi Petrovici Mihailovski (1925-2011), once commander of the submarine “K-178”, which he crossed several times under the Arctic ice with , during a mission in the Barents Sea, personally photographed an unidentified object that came out from the waves and flew away. What the admiral had told cannot be questioned. For his courage and merits he received several medals and orders, he was declared “Hero of the Soviet Union” and was entrusted with the command of Submarine Flotilla 1 of Northern Fleet of the USSR.

Aliens from the ocean depths – declarations of some submarine commandersFlying spheres

The following year, in 1977, Admiral Anatolii Aleksandrovici Komarițîn, the head of the Department of Navigation and Oceanography of the Russian Navy Hydrographic Service, former commander of a nuclear submarine, on mission near the island of Guam, West Pacific, has seen many times some yellow-reddish big objects, just like balls, floating above the horizon.

The same kind of objects were also reported over the Kamchatka peninsula between Bering Strait, Ohoţk Sea and Sakhalin Island. The observation took place at the junction between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, around 2:00 a.m. “We were at a periscope depth (9-15 meters – our note).

We saw an object that looked like the sun when it rises, orange in the middle, yellow outward, which hangs at the horizon at night. It wasn’t the Moon, as it was clearly seen in the sky. We didn’t realize what it is, we had no explanation. The commander of the submarine ordered a deeper diving and to continue the mission”, said the high Soviet officer.

Notice in the Black Sea

A characteristic of these unidentified underwater objects is the very high speed of moving through the water, sometimes hundreds of kilometers per hour, they can dive at a great depth, the agility of doing very complicated maneuvers and the ability to pass from the aquatic environment in the air or vice versa without any problem. Not even the most improved nuclear submarine built by man so far does not have these features.

Such UUOs (unidentified underwater objects) were observed in the most diverse places on Earth. In 1950, ships of the Soviet Navy noticed, in the Black Sea, several bizarre objects moving underwater. When they were discovered by sonars, they have sunk to the depths and disappeared at speeds that any submarine at that time could reach. They behaved as if they have “felt they had been seen”.

A year later, in 1951, another Soviet submarine intercepted, with its listening devices, at a depth of two kilometers, similar objects in the Ohoţk Sea. The commander announced a patrol ship from the surface, which immediately arrived in the area. Since they didn’t received any answer, the submarine hunter from surface launched depth grenades (charges). When the grenades exploded, the unknown submersibles have suddenly risen 50 meters above the surface and headed to the sea, with a speed of 270 kilometers per hour.

Leaving aside that the grenades did not affect them at all, such maneuvers, such as sharply climbing from 2000 to 50 meters in seconds and a very high speed that any ship has reached, are still difficult to explain. More recently, in 1990, during an expedition in the Black Sea with the research vessel “Mikhail Lomonosov”, Evghenii Feodorovici Șniukov, director of the Institute of Geological Sciences of the former Ukrainian SSR, noted: “A mysterious, large, ellipsoidal object, at 1400 – 1800 meters deep. By ultrasound were determined its thickness, 270 meters, and its length, 2 kilometers. On contact with a dense, very strong object, the sonars have triggered the alarm. The water samples taken in that area haven’t shown any abnormalities.”

The bright wheels

On June 8, 1984, the Soviet ship “Professor Pavlenko” was in the Neretva Gulf in the Adriatic Sea. At some point, the sailors from the deck noticed that on the surface of the water a bright spot appeared, and has quickly expanded. From the center, some “light bands” were radiating. The phenomenon was photographed by sailors and recorded in the logbook. The official explanation was, as usual, one to hide the reality: “A landslide took place on the seabed, and some lime (limestone) has risen to the surface”.

The photos were confiscated and the case was closed. The occurrence of the bright wheels is signaled for a long time. In 1926, such a “bright spoked wheel” was registered by the commander of “Chuck Sang” ship. Four years later, similar objects were seen in the waters of Pacific, by the sailors on the steam vessel “Rotorua”. In 1978, the sailors on “Novokuzneţov” located in the Gulf of Guayaquil, Ecuador, Pacific Ocean, saw some 20 meters long phosphorescent strips in the water.

They were spinning and when they reached about 100 meters before the ship, they came out to the surface, amounted into the air to about 25 meters, did some zig-zags through the air and then sank again in the ocean. Such occurrences have negatively affected avionics operation, removing them from service, as in the case of the US aircraft carrier “Bunker Hill”. In September 1965, the warship was executing a fighting mission in the south of the Azores, in the Atlantic Ocean. During the action, the sonar found unknown object was moving underwater with 300 km / h, an impossible speed for any Earth ship.

The alarm was on and the trackers, soldiers specialized in tracking and hunting, were ordered to destroy it. Suddenly, the radio connections with the planes and ships in the area were interrupted, the radio-navigation equipment died and nothing could no longer be controlled. Meanwhile, the mysterious object has gone, its trail went cold and the equipment of the ship and airplanes returned to normal. Everything was covered up, but they couldn’t find any explanation to what happened.

Unsolved disasters

Lake Baikal, located in southern Siberia, is the deepest in the world, 1.637 meters, is the largest reserve of freshwater on Earth, 23,000 cubic kilometers, being formed somewhere 20-25 million years ago. In the summer of 1982, during a workout in the waters of the lake, a group of military divers had a special surprise: when they were diving at 50 meters depth, they encountered another team of unknown “divers”.

They were three meters tall, were equipped with some silver jumpsuits, they didn’t have any breathing apparatus, their heads being protected by some spheres. The soldiers tried to catch one of them, but things have ended tragically. The strangers have used some kind of rays, three Soviet soldiers died and the others suffered severe injuries. The strange visitors have disappeared without a trace and the searching was unsuccessful.

In March 1974 a West German trawler was fishing in the east of South America, in the Atlantic Ocean. At some point, something has wrapped around the propeller and the vessel got stuck. Mechanic Kurt Schneider equipped himself into his diving suit and went underwater to see what was all about. He found a cable twisted around the central axis. He worked nearly two hours to break it off. At one time he thought he heard the noise of the compressor and some human screams, which determined him to interrupt his work and come out to the surface. He was terrified by what he saw: their ship was raised from one end by a spherical object, out of the water.

The object was shiny, had no windows or other openings and was emitting a blue pulsating light. Scared, Schneider sank again and waited a few minutes. He heard a loud noise and fearing that the fishing vessel was being entirely overthrown, he came out on top.

The ship was now afloat and the blue object came out of the water, flying to the sky. When he finally managed to climb on the deck, he was shocked: the whole deck was filthy and covered in a sticky brown substance, and all the 40 members of the crew were gone. On further research, the mechanic said he didn’t know what happened and he couldn’t explain the phenomenon.

A strange conclusion

In February 1968, the US atomic submarine “Scorpion”, commanded by Captain Lieutenant Francis Slattery, left the Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia, USA, and traveled to the Mediterranean, where he executed various missions for three months. He had the last radio connection on May 21, when he was 400 kilometers northwest of the Azores. Since then, the 3,100 tons submersible has disappeared.

“The Scorpion” was searched by more than 60 ships, three airplanes and several submarines. It was not until on 30 October, the same year, that the bathyscaphe “Trieste II” had found the submarine in the opposite direction from where it disappeared, in the southwest of the Azores, at 3,047 meters depth. It was flattened and had a large hole in the middle. Commission of Inquiry, headed by Vice Admiral Bernard Austin, came to a strange result: “the submarine exceeded the maximum permissible depth of diving… due to unknown reasons”.

No one could explain why he went in the opposite direction, what he was looking for at a depth five times higher and what could be the cause the shell hole. The US Navy has also given a statement: “The disappearance of the submarine “Scorpion” is a mystery that cannot be solved by means and resources of the present”. These are just some of the many cases that have occurred. According to statistics, in the last century, on Earth have disappeared without a trace or been severely damaged over 230 different types of submarines, hundreds of sailors losing their lives. In the majority of cases, the investigations revealed that unknown objects were also involved in those events, for which no explanation has been found.

Note that from the thousands of UFO sightings reported over the years, only 30% were seen over the land, the remaining 70% were on lakes, seas and oceans: 44% in the Atlantic, 16% in the Pacific and 10% in the Mediterranean.

Breaking News

On the website “Veterans Today”, Gordon Duff a military consultant from PressTV, said that has information that, for a long time, Chinese and American military vessels are fighting (a well hidden war) “against a very aggressive alien threat”. The officer claims that aliens have underwater bases in the Pacific Ocean.

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