Why you should use wordpress if you want a website?


Every business has a website and most of them are build with wordpress. WordPress is the largest content management platform and gained a lot of succes because some interesting reasons.

WordPress is a free platform and it is open source

It’s free tu edit, tu redistribute and to use wordpress, wich means a lot for users. You can download a free bootstrap wordpress theme and in just a few hours you will have your own website. The only expense you have to bear is webhosting. This is an advantage, though. Almost every hosting company provide one click instalation for wordpress and generate security for your website.

WordPress allow you to create any website you want

WordPress is not ust a blog platform any more. Now, it is versatile and offers flexibility. You can create almost every tipe of website you want. You have to choose frem many plugins and themes and give your website the functionality that you want.  If you look for an eCommerce Website, for a blog or for a membership website, wordpress is, definetly, your platform.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

Maby the most impressive thing about wordpress is the fact that every search engine see wordpress as a good platform. There are many parameters that counts in ranking and wordpress takes all the responsabilities for this.
For the experimented webmasters, there are various Seo plugins that help you improve search engine visibility.

WordPress is very easy to use

Another important advantage of wordpress platform is the fact that is very easy to use. Almost everyone can understand how to install a plugin, how to write a post and how to install this platform. If you can’t manage it, there are websites that offer video tutorials.

WordPress is not just easy to use, but very easy to customize. If you want your own theme, all you have to do is to install a page builder and some plugins. You will get all the functionalities that you need.

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