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Ever wished you could drive through the busy steets of Paris, along the Champs Elysee, in your very own Ferarri? Take your Lamborghini for a spin in Cannes as it hosts the international film festival?

Car rental companies across France and Europe offer a wide range of such opportunities, with many tourists and travelling professionals getting a taste of luxury travel in some of the worlds most beautiful cities.

The company Luxury-Club offers such experiences, with high spec car and flash private jet rentals,they have become one of the best and most successful luxury car rental companies in France.

They offer some of the most popular and top of the range cars and jets for rental not only for those on their own city breaks, but for weddings and special events. They offer personalised services to help couples find their ideal wedding cars and provide personal chauffeurs with the vehicles. It seems as though the luxury club have indeed made it more and more possible for people to experience top class luxury travel.

Not only do they offer such incredible car rental services they also offer amazing deals for club members. With a membership of the luxury club, clients receive not only the best service and deals on the most expensive luxury cars, but also magnificent city break packages to give you that extra touch of luxury and class for your short trips.

Since 2008 they have expanded their service over several of the biggest European cities such as Geneva,Monaccco, and Cannes,and now provide a first rate service providing the best and most beautiful rental cars and jets.

Make business trips ooze that touch of class with your own jet transfers and private chauffeurs and city breaks have that extra excitement with a top of the range Porsche or Lamborghini. Not only will you look the part,you’ll feel the part as you spend time in some of the most fashion forward and sophisticated cities in the world.

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