Some tips for marketing through social media

Some tips for marketing through social media

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Many entrepreneurs have started using social media to communicate with their customers. You can win more customers too, if you follow these simple tips.

Millions of people are using social networks every day, sometimes for several hours. If you’ll convince someone to like your page or to subscribe, anything you post will appear in their news feed. It’s an easy way to provide them information about the new products, special offers or to simply remember them your brand. If you publish a high quality content, people will share it, which means you might attract new customers.

Social media allows you to find plenty of information about the target audience, to receive feedback and photos or videos from costumers who are using your products and to increase your sales. Given that the social media does not cost anything, you cannot afford to neglect this aspect of Internet marketing.

Do not forget you’re using social media for professional purposes. You do not make friends, but sell products. The content should be related to the products, industry or  audience’s topics of interest. Create separate personal accounts if you want to communicate with your friends. Also, do everything possible to moderate the posts and comments on the page.

Social media marketing is a good way to supplement the search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, as you can include backlinks in profiles and updates. Use relevant keywords. Think about social networks as a way to generate more traffic to the important pages of the website and also for the latest updates.

Add to your site some links to social media accounts: you can easily add a Facebook or Twitter button, for example. Add a share button for the latest posts: readers can thus instantly share the content with friends. Do the same with photos and videos. You can also encourage people to follow you on social networks promoting discounts and limited offers on these channels. In the posted content, make reference to updates on social platforms: readers will want to follow you through these channels to not miss anything.

Keep a track of those who follow the links posted on these networks via traffic monitoring tool and find details about your audience. It’s an effective method to find out what type of content is interesting and if your updates are tracked or not. Use these tools to generate a content that matches your audience’s interests.

If you develop an effective marketing through social media strategy, you’ll have many visitors from these sites. Focus your efforts to convince people to buy, not just to be your friends.



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