Risks of losing data on the hard disk without having a backup and data recovery methods


Today’s computers have reached some performances that we could hardly imagine a few years ago. From processor speed to GB order memory and storage capacity, they all evolved at an astonishing rate. Who probably imagined, about 15 years ago, that a hard disk would be able to store data of 1 or 2TB, on a laptop, to use for personal use?

These were the days when hard drives barely reached 1.2 or 2 GB, without anticipating the performance we are witnessing today. But all this development of storage units has brought some shortcomings. Thus, if before users saved their data on CDs or DVDs, some even on external HDD drives, today, few do so. The large storage capacity causes many users to ignore the risks of storing all data in the same place. Here are some of the risks we are facing when we do not approved backup solutions.

Hard disk data recovery

Hard drives are storage devices that are very sensitive to electrical shocks and physical shocks, so a backup of data can protect us from data loss. The data recovery methods on the hard disk differ depending on the type of defect and the model of the hard disk. For situations in which erasing or accidental formatting of the data has been made, the data can be recovered using the data recovery software.

For situations where the hard disk has a physical defect, the data recovery procedures are much more complex and involves the opening of the hard disk in a sterile environment. Laboratories specialized in data recovery are equipped with special rooms (CLEAN ROOM CLASS 100) in which the dust particle level is very low compared to the air inhaled.

Data loss

You do NOT have to make great efforts to run out of hard drive data. A simple error-formatted command from your computer can leave you with no data on your home or office computer. Also, today we have various storage devices, such as memory sticks or memory cards. They have also reached an impressive size of 64 or 128 GB, so many people usually transfer data from the hard drive to the stick and vice versa, forgetting how easy it is to lose the data.

A simple shock or exposure to the heat can leave you out of the data from these stickers. Therefore, a faulty use, such as forcing them to be inserted into the USB socket or into the slots specially provided on the edges of the computers can leave you with your precious data. Data recovery in this situation can be done using data recovery software.

File damage

One of the most common risks we can face with our files is that the files  can become unreadable , due to faulty handling, incorrect rescue or the action of certain viruses. Therefore, we are dealing with files stored in their place, well delimited, but we can no longer access them when we try to open them. These are the so-called corrupt files, which only the recovery specialists can restore in rights, in the sense of bringing them on another medium, to the initial state.

Overwrite existing data

Last but not least, we can easily lose data when we have files that have the same name. Thus, at the time of overwriting, the new file will replace the existing one, without being able to do anything for its recovery. This kind of situation generally happens in the case of photos or movies, which the cameras of today store in the memory card.

And when we remove it to enter it into the computer, we can easily overwrite the dozens or hundreds of photos a day over our vacation photos or other special events.

All of these situations can be prevented by calling on data recovery specialists, who can provide you with back-up solutions, but also with adequate data archiving.

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