Pine cone bud syrup – The best remedy for respiratory illnesses, cough and lung diseases


Pine cone bud syrup is a good remedy for bronchitis, respiratory conditions, cough, lung disease. Coniferous extracts – natural fir bud and pine bud syrups – are generally considered to be good for respiratory problems. Find out below which are the properties of pine bud syrup and how easy it is to prepare.

Collect pine buds in spring and make this syrup at home!


    1. Pine bud syrup – Properties
    2. How to prepare pine bud syrup
    3. Pine syrup with honey
    4. Pine pollen

          1. Pine bud syrup – Propertie

Pine buds have very good therapeutic properties as they contain healing substances. Pine is rich in resins and other active elements that have a good effect on the body:

  • Volatile oils, for example, are appreciated for their antiseptic, expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Tannins are believed to help reduce irritation and relieve pain.
  • The resins have balsamic effect, relieves the cough that appears in respiratory conditions and diseases.
  • Vitamin C has beneficial effects on immunity.
  • It also contains flavonoids, pinipicrozide, bitter substances, coniferozide and others.

Pine syrup is recommended for the following diseases and conditions:

Respiratory illnesses and diseases

Pine bud syrup is a natural remedy against cough, sore throat, sinusitis. This syrup has an expectorant effect, which eliminates the accumulation of mucus in the respiratory tract and soothes the sore throat.

Essential pine bud oils have a good effect in soothing the symptoms that are caused by cold and bronchitis.

Lung diseases

Pine syrup has an expectorant effect. It may stimulate bronchial secretions. It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Specialists recommend this syrup for airway and lung diseases. It also helps in cases of cold, bronchitis, fever. There are other natural treatments for this infectious disease – bronchitis.

It can calm the cough, helps eliminate mucus and bronchial secretions, is a good disinfectant of the respiratory system.

  1. How to prepare pine bud syrupHow to prepare pine bud syrup

Pine buds are harvested in the spring, or can be purchased from the market. There are people coming every year with pine buds to sell them at the market stalls.

Pine bud syrup is made as follows:

  • Use 750 g of pine buds;
  • Add 1 kg of sugar;
  • Place a first layer of pine buds inside a capacious jar, sprinkle a layer of sugar; then place another layer of pine buds and another layer of sugar and proceed the same until the buds are finished; in the end it must be a thick layer of sugar;
  • Leave it to macerate for 3-4 weeks;
  • Can be kept in the pantry, in a cool place, or in the refrigerator, throughout the year.
  1. Pine syrup with honeyPine syrup with honey

Pine syrup with honey is a natural product with very good therapeutic properties, which can also be made at home, as follows:

  • Use a handful of pine buds;
  • Put the buds in a 800 g jar;
  • Add honey over the pine buds and close the jar tightly;
  • Leave it to macerate for 2-3 weeks;
  • Then you can administer 1-2 teaspoons of syrup 3 times a day, when needed.
  • It has a pleasant taste, slightly aromatic and sweet (due to honey).

Pine and honey syrup increases immunity and has a very good therapeutic effect in combating many health problems:

  • Helps in the treatment of colds, sore throats, coughing, inflammation of the respiratory tract;
  • It stimulates immunity and improves the digestive system;
  • It reduces the acidity of the gastric juice, which is why it is recommended in cases of ulcer, gastritis, colitis, but also other serious gastrointestinal disorders;
  • It has the ability to relieve neck pain and to combat coughing;

Honey is also very good for the health of the body. It has powerful antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties; can fight many antibiotic resistant bacteria;

Remember that honey is almost always present in the treatment of colds, sore throats and cough. It has good effect in soothing the pain associated with tonsillitis, it has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

When neck pain occurs, it is advisable to frequently take a few tablespoons of pine buds syrup with honey, or at least honey. Honey is said to be a natural antitussive medicine.

Hot teas with honey and pine syrup help in the treatment of viral infections, in relieving sore throats and inflamed tonsils. With the help of pine bud syrup, the symptoms of sore throats can be alleviated, which are so hard to bear.

Other recommendations

People who want to increase their body’s immunity, who are in convalescence after a certain illness, cold, lung disease, would better consume pine syrup with honey, because this natural preparation / concoction strengthens the body and restores health.

The syrup is very good for patients suffering from the cold, bronchitis, cough, lung disease. Take 2 teaspoons of syrup 3 times a day, half an hour before a meal. The treatment for immunity is administered for as long as 14 days.

  1. Pine pollenPine pollen

Pine pollen is used mainly in traditional Chinese medicine. It contains over 260 active elements, including 18 amino acids, 8 vitamins, 12 minerals, essential phytohormones, flavonoid substances, enzymes and others.

It has many benefits on the body, which is why it has been used for centuries. Here are the main properties of pine bud pollen:

  • It supports the body’s ability to withstand stress;
  • Reduces anxiety and depression, high blood pressure, fatigue;
  • Helps in cases of arthritis, diabetes, cancer, heart diseases;
  • It fights body weakness, anemia;
  • Increases physical and mental performance;
  • Helps in cases of hormonal disorders, normalizes hormonal processes;
  • It lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood and increases the elasticity of the blood vessels;
  • It does not cause drowsiness;
  • Increases the number of red blood cells and the level of hemoglobin because it has iron and protein;
  • Improves renal metabolism and liver function;
  • It prevents the development of cancer and normalizes biliary secretion;
  • It has a good effect on testosterone (increases its level in the body), which is why it is used by athletes to improve body strength and endurance.
  • It strengthens the body’s immune system and improves its vitality because it has minerals, active enzymes, vitamins and amino acids.

Pine pollen is also used in beauty treatments.

It has anti-aging effect, combats inflammation, regenerates and rejuvenates the skin. It contains vitamin E, selenium, carotene, antioxidants, which helps fight free radicals and slows down the aging process. Prevents the formation of wrinkles, pimples, freckles and acne. It stimulates collagen synthesis because it has DHEA – the phytohormone of youth.

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