Don’t feel sorry for yourself, take Sildenafil 20 mg instead!


Sex life after the age of 40 can be fun, but not always, especially for men that suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction). ED is not something new by any means, in fact it has been recorded from the early days of civilization, as some men suffered from impotence. There are even passages in the Bible where it is specified with details that king David as on old man, found it hard to rise up to the occasion, when young women presented themselves. But long are gone the times when impotence meant the end of one’s sexual life. We life in the 21st century, almost everything is possible and ED, has been overcomed some 20 years ago when sildenafil 20 mg was first introduced on the global market.

sildenafil 20 mg has become a go-to remedy for lots of men all around the world, because it is an easy prescription drug that doesn’t put anyone’s health in danger.

Just 20 years ago, a blue diamond-shaped pill was about to enter the US pharmaceutical market and, at the same time, revolutionize the sex lives of millions of men around the world. Approved on March 27, 1998 by the US Medicines Agency (FDA), the drug produced by the Pfizer laboratory has since received 65 million prescriptions and has sold billions of copies. However, sildenafil 20 mg was not originally intended to treat erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil citrate – the chemical name of sildenafil 20 mg -, known for its ability to dilate blood vessels, was first tested by the Pfizer laboratory to treat angina pectoris. But over the course of clinical trials, the molecule has proved insufficiently effective in treating this disease caused by the narrowing of the arteries responsible for supplying the heart with oxygen. However, one unexpected side effect caught the attention of researchers: in some participants, taking the drug was accompanied by erections for several days after taking the treatment.

In 1993, Pfizer then reoriented its research towards male impotence, a disorder that affects a third of men over 40. This time, the results are convincing. The treatment of “erectile dysfunction” has so far been the poor relation of modern pharmacopoeia, with treatments that are neither practical nor effective (mini-suppositories to be introduced into the urethra, injections in the penis). The US Medicines Agency (FDA) gave the green light for the new treatment on March 27, 1998. Its sale under the name sildenafil 20 mg began in early April in the United States.

The success of the blue diamond-shaped tablet was immediate: 150,000 prescriptions were written in the United States in the first two weeks of marketing, three million in the first three months. sildenafil 20 mg arouses worldwide enthusiasm even before its authorization outside American soil. It appears under wraps in Israel, Poland, Saudi Arabia from the spring of 98 at prices three to five times higher than the legal American price (about 10 dollars). Quickly counterfeits circulate: fake sildenafil 20 mg manufactured in Thailand or India is offered on the internet a few weeks after the start of its marketing. sildenafil 20 mg quickly ranks first among counterfeit drugs.

After officially landing in Europe in September 1998, worldwide sildenafil 20 mg sales soared by more than 30% in 1999 and 2000, rapidly surpassing $ 1 billion annually. A surprise for the pharmaceutical group which initially expected only a hundred million dollars in revenue per year.

Many people mistakenly believe that erectile dysfunction treatments can be an aphrodisiac to spice up their sex life. Obviously it is not. sildenafil 20 mg is a drug treatment that was produced and developed in the laboratory for a specific scientific goal: to solve erectile dysfunction in male patients. This means that sildenafil only works for sexual stimulation or arousal. In practice, this means that the substance works only when the brain reacts to sexual triggers. When neurotransmitters in the brain domain send such signals to the human body, sildenafil begins to affect the bloodstream, which increases the likelihood of an erection.

Ultimately, this means that a man who takes sildenafil 20 mg for no good reason will not experience any noticeable improvement in his erectile dysfunction disorder. For this reason, if you want to be prescribed this treatment, you should tell your doctor all the information about your erectile dysfunction, such as your lifestyle. The action of sildenafil can indeed be reduced or modified by smoking, alcohol, eating too much food or lack of physical activity. It is not a magic pill that will make you suddenly regain sexual vitality. This type of medication does not exist and it is recommended not to be fooled by these false aphrodisiacs which can be purchased online or in certain pharmacies that do not respect the patient’s health.

If you have planned to have sex for a short time, you should take one sildenafil 20 mg tablet about 30 minutes before you start having sex. Once sildenafil begins to distill in the body, it will remain active for about five hours in the body. This means that during those five hours it will be easier for the man to get an erection. However, you should know that the strength of the dosage does not change the duration of action of sildenafil. sildenafil 20 mg 25mg is recommended for patients who have never taken this treatment before and who are in poor health. The 50mg dose is usually recommended for men who are in good health and suffer from erectile dysfunction. Finally, the 100mg dosage is intended for patients who first tested sildenafil 20 mg 50mg, but who have not seen any improvement in their erectile dysfunction. We remind you that you must not chain two tablets within 24 hours.

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