How to start a blog?


If you want to start a blog, you will probably have some problems choosing the best platform, a cheap hosting and a great subject. There are so much informations out on the web that you can get a headache. If you respect some easy steps, you will get yourself a great blog and maby a great business.

First of all, you should find a subjecy. It’s not a good idea to write about everything, because you will not offer trust. Find a subject that you like and know and write about it.

If you have your subject, you should find a platform to build a blog. By far, wordpress is the best for so many reasons. First of all, it’s a free platform and an open source one. That means that everyone can come with improvements and there are lots of updates.

Second step is a little bit harder. You should choose a hosting and there are so many options that you could make a bad decision.

Avoid self hosting and free hosting offered by WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger. Seems Awesome when you think at something free, bot it does have downsides:

•    You will have a name like:;
•    You will have many limits;
•    You will not own your blog.

The best solution is a paid hosting. You can find cheap wordpress hosting at companies that offers shared servers. A shared hosting is a perfect start for most of the bloggers.

Usually, you will pay aș little as 2 or 3 dollars a month and you will get lots of advantages. A shared wordpress hosting bring new technologies and a good support. Unfortunateley, sometimes comes with some risks:

•    You will have limited resurces at your disposal;
•    Sometimes, the company will oversell spaces on server wich means downtimes and ather problems;
•    You could experience some bad moments.

After all, shared hosting is a great option for beginners and coud be the best start if you want to start a blog.

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