Choosing the Right People to Support Your Beauty Goals


You may enjoy someone’s company but that person may be standing in the way of you achieving your healthy beauty goals. Use the suggestions below to determine whether changing who you’re with can help support your beauty goals.

Motivation is critical in pursuing healthy beauty goals so that determining whether you have a friend or family member who frequently makes you feel badly about your appearance whether it’s through a stray remark such as, ‘You’ve put on weight,’ or through constant criticism is important in order to determine whether you need to avoid or minimize your contact with that person in order to achieve your beauty goals.

If you rely on recognition of your efforts to achieve healthy beauty goals, such as compliments on improved skin after undertaking a skincare regimen, someone who rarely compliments you may reduce your motivation to continue with your new regimen. It’s important to distinguish between someone who criticizes you and someone who doesn’t compliment you.

Consider the activities you engage in with someone to help determine whether you have to change your relationship to stay in it and pursue your healthy beauty goals. For instance, if you’re cutting down on or giving up alcohol because of the negative impact it has on your health inside and out, then you’ll want to renegotiate how you spend time with friends with whom you typically go to bars.

If your beauty goals involve incorporating new commitments of time to accomplish such as exercising or shopping for specific diet foods or even sticking to a healthy sleep schedule, then it’s likely this will impact your relationship with people accustomed to spending this time with you.

One way of trying to preserve relationships even as you pursue self- improvement through increased beauty awareness it to communicate what you’re doing to your friend or family member.

Use the changes you’re implementing in your lifestyle as an opportunity to be more understanding about changes other people in your life are trying to implement in order to preserve relationships. Part of paying attention to your own beauty goals will naturally make you more aware of other people’s efforts to pursue health and beauty goals.

If you’re sensitive about the cost of the beauty treatment you’re pursuing and someone you know is criticizing you about the expense, try explaining why the change is important to you. If your spouse is the person objecting to the cost of your beauty regimen, you should discuss the cost and address any budget concerns he or she has about what you’re doing.

Prioritizing your beauty goals does not mean that you have to confine yourself to talking about or thinking about those goals all day long with everyone you know. Be aware of changes in your conversation that include only speaking about your new commitment to specific beauty goals.

Putting your best effort into achieving healthy beauty goals is best supported by people who support your efforts. Use the suggestions above to manage your relationships when you’re pursuing beauty goals.

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