Ready to Celebrate Your Marriage? Discover the Most Badass Stag Destinations


Your bachelor days are numbered, my friend!
But don’t dwell in the past, when you can make the most out of the present.
Here’s what I propose: think about what you have always wanted to do!

Really, stop reading this text, think about it for a minute and then resume.

You ready? Ok, let’s see if I can guess what you have thought about.
●    Your mind flew and stopped at an activity you have never done or you have done once and you wish to try it once more
●    You don’t want to experience this in your own country, but abroad, in a place you’ve never been before
●    You want to share this experience with your best friends and to enjoy adventures beyond your wildest dreams
Did I read your mind?

Of course not, how could I? However, the idea is starting to grow on you, doesn’t it? To spend some quality time with your best friends on a land far-far away, enjoying activities you have never experienced before and feeling the amazement of life flowing through you.

Yes, this is what you can experience in your stag weekend, if you bear with me for just a couple of minutes. You won’t regret it!

Stag Do Destinations? Why Should You Celebrate Your Marriage Abroad?

Well, just for the kick of it.
No, I’m just joking, there are numerous reasons for why you should go and spend your stag do weekend outside the borders of your country.
●    You will experience new things
●    You will meet a new culture
●    You might do things that are simply not available in your country
●    You get to travel somewhere new
●    You will feel truly free!

If these are not enough reasons for you, there are plenty more specific. But before we get to those, you should know a couple of things about stag do packages and planning.
You might not be the best planner in the world.
You might not have the best spending strategy.
You might not know what to do in a different country.

That’s why you need a special team to give you the outline of the whole experience. You need a company which planned hundreds of stag do parties and know to tell right from wrong.

You will get a recommendation at the end of this article, don’t worry. And the team I’m recommending is truly special. If you don’t believe me, then you simply have to read what the people who contracted them are saying. It’s that easy.

First, though, let’s speak about stag do destinations in a more specific manner.

Where Should You Celebrate Your Stag Weekend?

Let’s see! What you can really choose.

It’s all a matter of perspective. What you really want to enjoy in this brilliant stag weekend. Let’s divide these perspectives in three options: exotic places, urban experiences and budget destinations. This way we can cover almost all best stag do destinations based on these factors: exotic, urban and budget-wise choice.

Don’t get me wrong. None of the above are less amazing than the others. You might hate exotic places or cities that are too expensive. What I’m trying to say is there are plenty stag do destinations for every taste, yours and your buddies included.

1.    Exotic places
If you’re the type of guy who pictures his ideal day in a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, lots of sand and water activities, then you’re definitely into exotic places. That’s why you should choose accordingly for your stag weekend!
I have two options for you, both in the amazing country of Cyprus: Ayia Napa and Paphos. Both are amazing in terms of water adventures, relaxation on the beach, cultural activities and spicy nightlife. Take a look at what they have to offer and decide for the exotic destination of your stag weekend.

2.    Urban experiences
If you love the city and the experiences it has to offer, then you are definitely an urban person, who simply loves to get lost in a city and explore every inch of its spirit.
If you truly want to explore, discover and get lost in the vibrant history of an urban experience, then I strongly recommend as a stag destinations Prague and Krakow. One in the Czech Republic, the other in Poland, both countries breath a fresh air of freedom that you and your mates will definitely enjoy

3.    Budget destinations
Budget destinations are simply awesome! Not only they have the luxury of the western culture, their prices are really low, and ideal for a stag weekend with little funds. If you plan a simple getaway with your friends for a stag weekend, then a budget destinations is definitely for you.
There are many options, most of them in Eastern Europe, but I strongly recommend Bucharest, Budapest and Bratislava. The first one is the capital and the most important and vibrant city of Romania, the second is the beautiful capital of Hungary and the third is the capital of Slovakia.
All three are full of architectural marvels, cultural icons and definitely full of adventures, adrenaline-boosting during the day, and spicy during the night.

Every stag destination from above is recommended by Eventhuse!
Who are they?

They’re the team I was speaking about earlier, the one I said I would recommend. Eventhuse is capable of delivering dozens of activities in each and every city mentioned above, and work with your planned budget and your most hidden wishes.

They have a local team in every city mentioned and their communication is really top notch.

Remember about the thinking exercise from the beginning?

If you have read so far, then what you have in mind is a stag weekend planned by Eventhuse!

Good luck and have fun, young stag!

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