Which are the types of bow ties?

Which are the types of bow ties?

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The bow tie is a sort of necktie. It consists of a ribbon tied around the collar of a shirt and the manner is symmetrical so that the bow tie has two opposite ends which form loops. But there are different types of bow ties. Which are these?

Pre-tied, the clip on and the self-tie are the main types. The pre-tied bow ties have a distinctive bow which is sewn onto a band that goes around the neck and clips to be secured. The clips-on are dispensed with the band. The bow tie that is traditional consists of a strip of cloth to be tied by hand and are known as ‘self-tie’, ‘tie-it-yourself’ or ‘freestyle’ bow ties.

The bow tie can be made of any fabric material, such as silk, cotton, polyester, or mixture of fabrics. But wool or velvet are much less common to be used for bow ties. Which is the descendant of knotted cravat? Is it the bow tie? Yes, it is.

It seems to be born from the need for neckwear, being easier to wear than a cravat, taking into account an active busy working day. The black bow ties and white bow ties are worn with dinner jackets, respectively with evening tails. This was in the past. But today bow ties are worn on formal occasions.

What kind of bow tie will you buy? There are so many models, such as: bow tie Barcelona, bow tie Quebec, bow tie Venetian Sailor, bow tie Berlin, bow tie Buenos Aires, bow tie Edinburgh, bow tie Florence, bow tie Havana, bow tie London, bow tie Marrakesh, bow tie Lisbon, bow tie Paris, bow tie Seattle, bow tie Vienna, bow tie York, bow tie Sydney, bow tie Venice, bow tie Tokyo, bow tie Stockholm, bow tie Petersburg, bow tie Singapore, bow tie Siena, bow tie Shanghai, bow tie Seville, bow tie Seoul, bow tie San Francisco, bow tie Rome, bow tie Riga, bow tie Naples, bow tie Melbourne, bow tie Athens, bow tie Amsterdam. There are these models with names of cities, you may think the inhabitants of these places are wearing such bow ties. No, not only the people born or who are living there can buy such bow ties.

The bow ties are perfect for gentlemen look and for special occasions. For a black tie event, men can choose these bow ties and luxurious self-tie silk ones. Of course, there are models less formal and more contemporary, colored in red or navy.

The bow ties are worn with a tuxedo or a black tie suit. The bow tie has that impact on the look, something that enhance the outfit so well, and if they are complemented with a fine pocket squares and handkerchiefs, the look will be excellent for special events.

So all men have to buy at least one bow tie and wear it with care and be ready to be noticed at parties or other important occasions of their life.


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