The KGB and the extraterrestrial phenomenon


Winston Churchill was the first person to use the phrase “the Iron Curtain”, referring to the USSR (the Soviet Union) and Eastern Europe. There was a hallucinating mechanism created in order to prevent information disclosure.

All this hermetic system was organized and coordinated by the KGB. Some documents that began to be declassified provide information on KGB concern regarding the extraterrestrial phenomenon.

An important event occurred in November 1985. A football-sized bright sphere was seen over a military installation; the sphere was hovering 40 meters above the ground.

The sphere flew over the area for several minutes, then rose and disappeared. A few minutes later, the residents of a nearby settlement have been able to witness, for several minutes, the same phenomenon.

The military was on high alert. The area was strewn with soldiers and KGB agents. According to documents, the military installation became inoperative when the bright sphere occurred.

Drivers who were in traffic on a nearby road encountered similar problems. Another event occurred in December 1987, when the pilot of an airliner bound for Tibilissi has reported a UFO near the aircraft.

According to the pilot, the strange object leaves behind a bright light. Communication with the control tower was suddenly interrupted, followed by a loud explosion.

It was an air tragedy well-hidden by the KGB. It was said it was a pilotage error. KGB documents claim that the accident occurred because a UFO was flying near the airplane.

According to KGB documents, several UFOs were seen in the Kamchatka Peninsula between 1987 and 1988. Soldiers at the military base reported apparitions, whose shape was similar to that of luminous spheres.

The KGB reports contain information on the military being ordered to launch the missiles. Target: the luminous spheres.

The base commander has launched the theory according to which the UFOs were showing up on that very day when the soldiers had to launch the missiles, within a war simulation project.

In December 1989, over Soviet Central Asia dozens of such appearances were seen. Therefore, in some KGB reports, the UFO invasion was referred to as a real danger.

The KGB archives also contain an extremely important document, regarding an incident occurred in the Polish port of Gdynia. Although the incident occurred in Poland, the KGB has coordinated the whole alien recovery operation.

In 1959, stevedores (dockers) of the harbor witnessed the crash of a UFO a few miles from the port. Authorities were on the scene of the incident, from where they recovered a creature and the UFO wreckage.

The creature was taken to University Hospital in Warsaw, where it was secretly examined. The doctor who provided the consultation said the creature’s circulatory system was different was different from the human circulatory system, as well as the number of fingers and toes. The creature died shortly afterwards. It was taken to Moscow by the KGB.

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