The tunnels of Bucegi. Group Bildenberg Interests for the construction


In the summer of 2003, in an unexplored region of Bucegi Mountains, a team of the  Zero Department of the SRI, makes a major discovery that could change the destiny of humanity. US will put pressure on the Romanian government to not divulge what was found. The implications became complex opposite the brutal interference of the Iluminati Order representatives who sought to take control again over where the discovery was made and to the the romanian-american team who worked on this case.

Cezar Brad was appointed head of the romanian team and as the head he negotiated with iluminati order representatives and a representative of the Bilderberg Group. In May 2003, Cezar Brad was visited by a senior representative of the Bilderberg Group. This person was not romanian but spoke good romanian. He was Italian, had business in Romania and was very rich. Hr recommended as Massini. As Cezar Brad told he was an impressive person, was brought to the meeting  with a plane of SRI and he was the head of a masonic lodge, the Bilderberg Group.

Massini began the discussion by saying that people are of two kinds, those who are governed, servile and people with strong personalities. He continued saying that the masonic lodges are actually some facades of true power. The power within the lodges starts at the hierarchical level 33 and does not stop at this level.

Let us explain what this persona wanted from Cezar Brad. In 2002, was discovered a formation inside the Bucegi Mountains, an area that seemed to be carved by extraterrestrial beings, wasn’t appear like a cave and didn’t correspondent with the outside. This discovery was made by a Pentagon spy satellite, which operate on bionic technology. A satellite scan made revealed that the mountain that within it were two major power blocks that lock the two indoors.

The first space has tunnel shape and the second is dome or cupola. Massini was very concerned with the second space, the dome-shaped one. We mention that the two spaces are lined on the Sphinx-Babele axis. American experts have observed that the energy wall in front of dome-shaped space has the same vibration frequency with another another underground space found in Iraq, near Baghdad.

Shortly after that space was discovered  in Iraq, the war broke out. The Americans kept secret the revelation made in Iraq, even Iraqis found out about this discovery later. Massini claimed that the Iraq discovery has to do with the Earth’s mysterious past and the organization he leads. Massini was very nervous to learn that the internal structures found in Romania are much higher than the ones in Iraq.

Of Massini’s order, in the area was brought a rock drilling machine which used a plasma jet and a kind of revolving magnetic field, shattering the rock without visible effort.

The machine managed to penetrate the mountain at a depth of 70 meters behind the first space that is shaped like a subway tunnel. Inside, the tunnel has smooth walls and at the end of the tunnel there is an invisible energy gate.

Three members of the first intervention team entered in the energy gate and died instantly, MI. All objects thrown at this gate, metal objects, plastic, wood turned into dust. In the area came two generals from the Pentagon and a counselor.

Under the tunnel wall, right next to the gate energy is an opening of 20 square centimeters on which is drawn an equilateral triangle. Cezar Brad touched the square and the energy gate disappeared. Upon entering the tunnel was another stone gate which opened easily, the intervention team entering on what is called the Grand Gallery.

Without any light source, the Grand Gallery was perfectly enlightened. Some researchers have tried to graze the tunnel walls, which could not be done. Later, the scientists have said that the tunnel walls were covered in a mysterious alloy, organic and inorganic nature.

After 280 meters the gallery makes a turn as a right angle. It opens a space lit by a blue light that was designed by an energy screen.

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